Furniture Making School

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Phoebe Everill’s Furniture Making School holds a range of courses and classes suitable for everyone.

Classes at Drummond

Absolute beginners through to advanced… we provide a flexible and personalised approach to woodworking set in a spectacular location.

Located in Drummond, halfway between Daylesford and Kyneton. Classes feature:

  • Fortnightly Classes
    Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 9-4pm;
  • Small class size (max 5 students)
  • Fully equipped machine room
  • All tools supplied

Teaching at Drummond

Fortnightly classes are available at Drummond. All fortnightly classes occur every month, in most months they are the 1st and 3rd week aside from the dates listed under the Teaching at Sturt School for Wood section.

To ensure a smooth transition into fortnightly classes it is advisable that new students have completed one to the intensives. This gives me an opportunity to make sure your OH&S and machine training has been thoroughly covered.

Guest teachers will be added with specific courses very soon!!

May 25th 2020 – May 29th 2020 (CANCELLED)
June 22nd 2020 – June 26th 2020 – CLASS FULL! Submit your details to join the Waitlist
July 13th 2020 – July 17th 2020 – CLASS FULL! Submit your details to join the Waitlist
July 27th 2020 – July 31st 2020 – CLASS FULL! Submit your details to join the Waitlist
August 10th 2020 – August 12th 2020 (Basic Shave Horse Project – Ideal for Beginners!) – CLASS FULL! Submit your details to join the Waitlist
September 21st 2020 – September 25th 2020 – CLASS FULL! Submit your details to join the Waitlist
December 7th 2020 – December 11th 2020 – ONLY ONE PLACE LEFT SIGN UP NOW!

See below list for project options. This is an opportunity to have intensive machine training, only 4 people for a 5 day period (9 – 4pm) and leave with a tool cabinet, workbench, coffee table, stool, 5 x jigs or discuss your own project with me.

Full fact sheets for all options including material costs are available upon request.

Project Based Tuition (Max 4 students)

Class Duration Skill Level
Solid wood workbench 5 days Beg/Int
Basic Shave Horse 3 days Beg
Shave Horse with additions 5 days Beg/Int
Tool Making Kit – HNT Gordon plane, Windsor Workshop Spokeshave, Krenov-style Smoother, Hock Blade Set & Mallet 5 days Beg/Int
Tool Cabinet 6 days Int/Adv
Table with drawer 6 days Int/Adv
Table (no drawer) 5 days Beg/Int
Stools (3 designs to choose from) 5 days Beg/Int

See contact page & email me for more details of courses.


Fees and Payments

A deposit is required to confirm a place in a 5 day intensive course. The deposit is taken off the total course fee.
The deposit is refundable when more than 7 days notice prior to commencement of course is given. Notice is required via email.

Course fees
Course fees are due one week prior to commencement of course.
An invoice will be issued once deposit is paid.
Once course fees are paid, they are not refundable.
If course fees are not paid by due date, a position will be offered to a person on the waiting list.




Teaching at Sturt School for Wood

Term 1 2020
Teaching @ Sturt 1st Term (3rd February – 10th April)

Term 4 2020
Also Teaching @ Sturt 4th Term (9th November – 20th November)

Please note no classes at Drummond these periods


More Details @ Sturt website –