Boardroom tables (3x in all), made from salvaged Alpine Ash (Eucalyptus Delagatensis). Total length 4.8 x 1.2 x .76m Client is Thorne Harbour Health ∙ 2021 ∙ Back to Gallery

Board room table for Thorne Harbour Health, made in 2 parts both 1.8 x 1.2m Alpine ash. ∙ 2020 ∙ Back to Gallery

Hall table in jarrah with silver ash drawer and ebony details. ∙ 2020 ∙ This piece is off to Bungendore Wood Works gallery. Exhibition opening is Friday 14th November if you are in Canberra check it out!! Back to Gallery

Back to Gallery Jarrah pedestal table base with wenge details, marble top from the client. ∙ 2019 ∙  

Back to Gallery Winton Chair My new Winton chair to be paired with a desk I am making American Black Walnut with Wenge details ∙ 2017 ∙

Back to Gallery Frensham Lectern White oak, walnut and wenge with leather under glass on the top ∙ 2015 ∙